What is a Premium in Oriental Health Insurance

What is a Premium in Oriental Health Insurance

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In an effort to plan/secure the future of the loved ones and to offset the ever-increasing cost of medical treatment in India, a lot of people are taking advantage of the best health insurance plans available in the insurance market.

One of the renowned names in the segment, Oriental Health Insurance, provides much-needed financial security to the policyholder in case of medical emergencies, sudden hospitalisation, and varied other treatment expenses. The company offers a range of health insurance plans that the customer can choose from.

Features of Oriental Health Insurance Plans

The main features and benefits of Oriental Health Insurance plans include:

  1. Availability of various options to choose from based on the customised needs of the policyholder.
  2. Expertise in understanding the specific needs of the customers and providing accurate solutions to them with optimal coverage and cost in their health insurance policy.
  3. Offer transparent solutions to the customers with detailed information about the premiums, coverage, benefits, tax saving options, and also the review of various health insurance plans.

Premium in Oriental Health Insurance Plans

Based on the terms & conditions laid by the insurance company for different plans, the premium payment in case of Oriental Health plans can be made annually, bi-annually, or monthly.

It is important to note here that in some healthcare plans the policyholder needs to pay for other costs in addition to the premium. These include co-payments, deductibles, and coinsurance plans.

Various risks covered by Oriental Health Insurance Plans

The different types of risks covered by the best Oriental health plans include:

  1. a) The benefit to get diagnosed and treated quickly as per your convenience
  2. b) Prompt referral to a specialist or consultant and admission to a private hospital.
  3. c) An array of other benefits to the policyholder such as exclusive drugs, scans and surgical procedures, hospital stays, scans and surgical procedure.

How to Pay Premium in Oriental Health Insurance

The process of paying premium in case of Oriental Health Insurance is extremely simple and convenient. Customers enjoy the option of paying their premium both offline and online by following these simple steps:

a) Online Payment option for Oriental Health Insurance Plans

This is the easiest and fastest mode of premium payment for buying/renewing Oriental Health Insurance Policy. All that the customer needs to do is provide their policy and personal details, then pay the premium using either of the various payment options available such as credit/debit cards, Visa/Master card, Net Banking, e-wallets, cash cards, etc. The entire process takes just a few seconds and your premium payment gets completed.

b) Offline Payment Option for Oriental Health Insurance Plans

Another method of paying the premium for Oriental Health Insurance plans is to directly walk in any of the OIC branches located near you and pay via cash or cheque mode.

Premium Payment Options in Oriental Health Insurance

One of the leaders in the insurance segment, Oriental Health Insurance Company allows convenient modes of renewing your health insurance plans. If you’re looking for various premium payment options in Oriental Health Insurance plans, here are the easiest ones:

a) Visit the official company website

  • The option of policy renewal is available on the main page of the company website.
  • Here, you can select whether you want to renew the existing policy or buy a new one.
  • After the selection, you need to fill all the details such as policy numbers, the start date of the policy, personal details, etc., followed by making the premium payment via multiple premium payment modes available.

b) Access the Oriental Health Insurance Plans through online marketplaces

One of the other excellent premium payment options towards Oriental Health Insurance plans is by accessing the company’s page on online marketplaces such as Coverfox.com. Here, you get the benefit of comparing the premium quotes of various other plans as well to make an informed decision of buying the appropriate plan.

Last Thoughts

Oriental Health Insurance makes an excellent choice to cover varied medical needs of the policyholder. The ease of making premium payments through multiple options available further makes it a preferred choice in the health insurance segment.

Irrespective of which health insurance plan you purchase from Oriental Insurance Company, you can easily renew them online in a few simple steps. You can either choose to buy/renew the policy directly on the company’s portal or through aggregator sites such as Coverfox.com after thoroughly comparing the policy features, benefits, premiums, etc. of Oriental health plans against the offerings from other service providers.

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